Sunday, December 17, 2006

Woo hoo!

Roll out the red carpet! I did it! Finally, I got the recognition I always knew I deserve! I am Time Magazine's Person of the Year! Come on, I blog. I google something or other at least daily. I have a My Space account (that, by the way, I designed myself). And finally, someone noticed ME! (and you, too... shhhh...) So, where's my publicist? Where's my stylist? How about endorsements? Think Nike would take me? How about Coke? No, I need something more glamorous... Nordstrom! Starbucks! Tiffany's!

Come on! Get real! Was there no one else Time Magazine thought was worthy? Hasn't someone in the world done something greater than the undereducated masses using My Space and You Tube? Is that really the best that Time magazine thinks we have to offer? And do we really need our egos stroked by Time Magazine bestowing some bogus title on the web-savvy masses? Is that what we've come to? That's right, let's satisfy people's need for self-gratification by applauding them for wasting their leisure time in front of a computer screen. If you're going to applaud the masses, at least applaud them for doing something worthwhile.

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