Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Best movie ever! And update on the kids too...

Last night we were rolling in laughter as we watched "Thank you for smoking." Brilliant! Smart, witty, sarcastic and irreverent, entirely non-PC, and hilarious! Love it. Highly recommend it. Rarely do you see a movie that takes aim so well and drives the point home, using humor to do all the work.

And a bit about the kids... They've both hit new developmental milestones - Liam is (finally!) holding his own sippy cup! He can feed himself! And he's trying (a little) harder to walk. Yesterday he stood in front of me, let go of me and gave me a big smile as he stretched his arms out to the side, like "look, ma, no hands!" He was really proud of himself. And he's finally babbling a bit, no, scratch that. He's yelling. But he's yelling different syllables, and I think that counts as babble!

Sofia on the other hand has reverted to baby-hood. She wants me to hold her sippy cup while she drinks, feed her bites of finger food, pick her up to put her on the couch, she wants a pacifier and to drink milk from a bottle (Liam doesn't even do that anymore!). Of course, the next minute she demands to dress herself and throws herself on the floor in 'wooden plank' mode if I try to pick out her clothes for her. Confused? Really though, I can't complain. She's only 3 months away from her 3rd birthday and she never really hit the terrible twos. Think Liam will be this good too? Surely I can't be that lucky. But, if his temperament is any indication, it'll be smooth sailing!

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