Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Kids come up with the best stuff! Liam just turned 9 months today - he's taking his precious time on things that Sofia developed early, like gross motor skills and verbalizing. But he has the cutest little 'growl' that he does - he was wearing a tiger shirt yesterday and it was so ironic, because all day long he just growled and growled! He has 2 different growls, really. One is more of a purring sound, and the other is a rough, throaty growl that would scare away any large predator - who needs a guard dog when I have a growler at home?!

And Sofia says the cutest things now. She's experimenting with language, but I'm noticing that comes up with my phrases pretty frequently, only mixed and jumbled together. So today we were sitting at lunch and she asked where Tata is. I explained, quite honestly, that Tata is getting his fingerprints done for his important documents. Her reply, as she turned back to her mac & cheese, "Oh, that's a good idea mama. And maybe tomorrow he can go to Nordstrom." Where does she come up with this stuff? The other day we were eating a peach cobbler and Eugene was sharing with her. When his plate was empty she turned to me and asked me to get more... for Tata! (If you believe she really wanted it for Tata, I have a bridge to sell you!)

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