Sunday, September 10, 2006


I just found a new word that i love on - MOMpreneur! Isn't it great?! So, that's my new obsession. I have to become a mompreneur. I'm not sure exactly what kind of business I want to start, but I'll find something. Okay, the real problem is that I have too many ideas to settle on one. I need some time to evaluate and plan. I'd tell you my ideas, but then someone might steal them... sneaky web-savvy idea snatchers... Not that I really think anyone reads my blog, but you can never be too careful, right? Who knows what kind of predators are out there just looking to steal a mompreneur idea... Or am i back to thinking I'm the center of the universe?

Anyhow, stay tuned to see what I eventually settle on for the secret to my (distant future) success! I'm on my way to rich and famous! (perhaps not, but why should I settle?)

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