Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ah, the joy of home ownership...

How nice it is to sink our entire paycheck into a money pit! Yes, that's really what a house is anyhow, isn't it? Home sweet home. Okay, so it is the place I brought my children home to after they were born, and it is where I spend the lion's share of my time and energy. But I've just written a check for nearly $500 (!) to a man who came to check for mold. MOLD! (as something inside me says, 'ewww, gross!')

It'll take until the end of the day Tuesday to get the lab results back, but he just showed me what shoddy work the builders did, and what shoddy work the contractors did who repaired things when we bought the house from the previous owners. (Hint: if you're buying a house and the inspector finds problems, negotiate the price of the house so you can have the work done, don't ask the sellers to have fix it!) It seems like pride in workmanship is a thing of the past! (no offense to you honest hard-working contractors out there. but hey! what's up with those other guys who cut corners - literally?)

But now I wait. The good news would be, 'gee, Mrs. C., with all the water damage from shoddy contracts, your house officially has no mold, no lasting damage, and it's all good!'. (Okay God, did you hear that?) The bad news would be that one side of our house is rotted out with toxic mold (again, ewww, gross!), we have to leave immediately so mold remediators can come in and tear down the walls and rebuild them, and oh, homeowners insurance doesn't cover that type of thing.

So, here's waiting until Tuesday.

Edited 3/15/07: The bad news won. We're still tearing down more and more of the wall and ceiling, and oh! by the way, insurance doesn't cover one red cent of it.

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