Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feelin the love

Yeah! It feels so nice to be recognized! Us stay-at-home moms kind of forget what that's like. You know, there's no one around to say, "wow! that was a remarkably fast and agile diaper change!" or "hey, how'd you get those floors to sparkle like that?," or the one I'd really like someone to say to me, "you just MUST tell me how you season your broccoli!"

Anyhow, the recognition comes from Owlpress for my I Am post. Out of all the wonderful bloggers out there who submitted theirs, she thought mine was finalist-worthy. I must say I'm a bit confused - I'm not convinced that I belong in the finalist category. And I'm entirely flattered by the warm fuzzy comments from everyone. I feel loved!

See for yourself though, read the 6 finalists, and then submit your vote.

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