Monday, February 19, 2007

Amy Tan: Saving Fish From Drowning

After all the hype the list of books I'm reading has generated (all of 2 comments, thank you very much!), I've decided to put down a few thoughts about each book as I finish it. And I just finished the only fiction book from the list. (time to add another to the list, only my books are at my house, and I'm road tripping!) Anyhow, here it is.

A wonderful spinner of tales, Amy Tan has not let me down! Saving Fish From Drowning follows a tour group on their vacation to Myanmar (Burma), and to somewhat of a disaster. At once mysterious and riveting, the novel brims with scenery described to perfection, a host of characters well developed and easy to relate to.

It touches on aspects of religion, travel, character flaws, the 'ugly American' stereotype, sex, psychology, and all things shared by the human existence. It also treats the Karen tribe of Myanmar truthfully and historically, documenting in a story-teller mode the way the Karen (an actual persecuted tribe) have been tortured and killed over the years in Myanmar. It is a great tale of travel gone wrong, love realized, love exhibited, and love lost, packed with details that only Amy Tan would weave together so well.

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