Monday, February 05, 2007

Cleopatra Stratan - Ghita

This is a 3 year old in Moldova, singing in Romanian. For those of you who don't speak Romanian (and why wouldn't you?) :), let me translate. She's singing to and looking for the boy she has a crush on, Ghita, with gems like, "I know you like me too," "Show me another girl would love you this much", or "I waited for you at the door of the preschool," and "Come, but not with empty hands like usual!". Really, adorable.

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Mella said...

Hehehe! This is really adorable!

I have a video of the kids I worked with while I was there, singing in a "talent" show, now I'm inspired to find that. (I also have several tapes of Romanian singers - but I'm not entirely inspired to go find those - though, the lyrics were equally laughable.)