Thursday, March 08, 2007

And the saga continues...

So here's the story. I noticed Bean coughing at night and at naptime - basically if she was in her room for any significant amount of time, she coughed. Then I found out (thank you, Extreme Makeover Home Edition) that those symptoms could be caused by toxic mold. I remembered at that point that when we moved into the house, that room had a different smell than the rest of the house and it seems like something was 'off.' The odor had gone away (or been covered up) when we started using the room daily, but I remembered that initial feeling that something wasn't right. So I called around and hired a mold inspector to come out. He took his air samples, sent them off to the lab, and then I got my report - we had stachybotrys in the living room, directly under Bean's bedroom. So, we hired a certified mold remediation company to remove the toxic mold from our 'mold room' (a.k.a., living room) and do the work while we were out of town.

They sent me their estimate and began the work. When we came home after 2 weeks gone, the company had finished their work (so they said) but had to leave that room sealed off until the mold inspector returned to give us an all-clear. I snuck into the room anyhow, and found that there was still toxic mold on the drywall! The company didn't do what they said they would! So they came back, apologized for doing thousands of dollars worth of the wrong work (work that we didn't authorize), and said they'd take care of the problem.

Their phone conversations (in Romanian, which they keep forgetting I speak) say things like, "don't tell the inspector you did that!" and the equivalent of "doh! why did you do that?" They've done some outright dishonest things that make me wonder if we're not the object of some type of fraud.

And the kicker is, today I found out that they let their business license lapse. Their license expired in December. Now, 3 months later, they've just realized it (when I asked to see their license). Sound fishy to you? In the meantime, I'm awaiting the results from my chest x-ray to see if the mold caused any lasting damage... (need I repeat my mantra of 'ewww, gross!'?)

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