Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun day outside

One of the big reasons we live in the south is for the weather. And it's days like today that remind me of that fact. Here's a couple pictures of our day today - we had a relaxing morning (we went to church last night - Perimeter has communion services on Saturday nights - awesome night of worship!), brunch together, then we went off to the park, home for a late lunch and nap, spent time playing in the front yard and went for a walk in the neighborhood. Overall, a great day for everyone! Here's E. sprinting up the hill with the kids in my beloved Peg Perego Aria twin stroller (love it!). Okay, looking back, in that sentence perhaps I should have chosen the word "beloved" to describe something other than the stroller - maybe my kids... or my husband... or all them... But I guess that's self explanatory. I still love my stroller though. If anyone out there is looking for a stroller of any type, check out Baby Gaga for awesome stroller reviews.

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