Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who knew?

I just got home from an emergency trip to the pediatrician for a burn! Little Man has his left hand (which is the one he seems to use more) mummified. And I'm not sure the doctor believed me about how it happened...

We were playing this morning in the warm, sunny front yard. Liam has a fascination with doors, so he went to the front door and pushed on it. Well, our front door is made of metal and at that time in the morning it was in direct sunlight. He put his hand there, realized it was hot, and left his hand there while he cried and waited for rescue. I don't think I've ever crossed the front yard faster. But now 4 of his fingers are blistered, and to treat them they had to wrap his whole hand, past the wrist. And all because of the front door. Who knew the front door could be such a hazard? I'll know next time.

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Revka said...

Hey, I had something similar happen a couple of years ago. Our home was heated by a metal floor furnace, which is exactly what its names implies: a metal funrnace located in the floor. My now 4yo daughter had turned 1 only a couple of weeks prior to the incident. She managed to toddle onto the furnace, realized her feet were hurting, and bent down to put both of her hands on the furnace as well. I guess she was trying to help herself. You had better believe I moved like lightning when I heard her scream! She suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to both hands and feet. Praise the Lord there was no scarring. I pray your son does as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the party. I'll be back here again.