Monday, March 12, 2007

That elusive yellow crayon!

As per PlayLibrary's advice, I went searching my car for the crayon that's been missing from our chunky washable crayon box since January. I found it, tucked nicely into a safe place... My next task is to figure out what else is tucked away in the backseat, since I also found an empty box of animal crackers (you know, the kind with the string handle - it makes a perfect purse for an imaginative 2-yr old), a long-lost pair of sunglasses, and a kitchen sponge (how did that get there???). I've just been blessed with an hour or so of upcoming quiet, and I can't wait to see what treasures are awaiting discovery!

And a little shopping success story - I picked up a lined rain jacket for Little Man today at the Children's Place - $10! I'm so glad I didn't get the one Baby Gap had on sale for $16.99. I just saved $6.99! Of course, if I'd been around for Kidsignments in February that would have been taken care of already... such is life.

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