Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy 8th of March!

How fitting that the 8th of March falls right in the middle of the Ultimate Blog Party! Something to celebrate!

The Soviet regime coined the 8th of March as "International Women's Day" to honor (and propagandize) the image of the Working Woman (working due to compulsion, no less). The poster above (from 1932) highlights the Noble Work women around the world (Soviet world, that is) in the service of Stalin. Praise the working woman! And in thanks for their support of the regime of terror, the working women got the 8th of March dedicated in their honor, for the honorable work they did.

And now without (as much of) the sarcasm... Okay, for those of you unschooled in Soviet (and Communist in general) customs, the 8th of March is a holiday that celebrates women (working women, that is)! Also called "International Women's Day" in some places, it's a holiday that was actually created to inspire and motivate the female workers of the world (and when I say 'worker', I'm referring to the working class of communist societies - card-carrying members of the communist party). It was also meant in a way to balance out February 23rd - Army Day (which basically celebrates the Soviet Man).

This lovely poster is an illustration of the message of the day (again, from 1932) - "The 8th of March: The day working women revolt against the slavery of the kitchen." Note the Noble, Honorable, Flag-toting Working Woman, rescuing the poor, enslaved homemaker from the rubble consisting of a samovar, dishes, pot, tea kettle, etc. Stay tuned in the future for some more humorous Soviet posters 'educating us' about the proper role of women...

But today, the historical significance has been mostly shoved aside, and in most Eastern European countries March 8th is a day to honor the women in your midst. So, in light of that, give a flower, send a card, remember the women who have touched your lives. So happy 8th of March ladies!

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