Friday, March 02, 2007

New shoes!

Up until today, the only shoes that have graced Little Man's feet are soft leather Pedi Peds. But today, with wet grass and one Pedi Ped temporarily lost in the stack of blankets under the crib, we put real shoes on him. Thankfully, I have lots of other mommy friends who have used me to liquidate their closets, so I had a perfectly fitting pair of Nikes to let him wear. I think he actually liked it. He tried to shake them off at first, then he walked funny for a while, but now he's pretty used to them.

Then he went outside to the slide on the deck, and found that he could economize time by climbing up and going straight down headfirst, thereby eliminating that annoying sequence of maneuvers - stand up, walk forward, sit down, slide.

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