Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ewww, gross!

The timeline should have worked out well. We left town for 2 weeks, and the contractors were supposed to use a key we left for them and come and get rid of our toxic mold (eww, gross!). By the time we returned after 2 weeks, the mold would be gone, the drywall would be reconstructed, the air quality inspector would have given us an all clear.

We came back last Thursday. The inspector was scheduled to come shortly after - a bit later than I thought, but no biggy. But then, horror of horrors, I went into our 'mold room' (that's what we'll forever call our formal living room from now on), and found the exact same spot of mold on the wall. So what, for pete's sake, did the contractor do? It turns out they took down a different part of the wall, found no mold, rebuilt the wall, and assumed that was their job - done in its entirety.

So yesterday, the lovely contractor came back, befuddled that there was still mold in my house (and why wouldn't there be, since they didn't remove it?), and did very little work. Today we're waiting on the inspector to come back and tell us the extent of the damage. You can imagine how furious I am. The work they're doing is loud (the machine they use to clean the air while they're working sounds like a jet engine), it's messy, and I constantly feel like they're trying to pull the wool over my eyes. In fact, they said to me that I shouldn't be worried and this isn't a big problem. Then got on cell phones and had a conversation in Rpmanian (assuming that I don't speak Romanian) about how bad it is and how seriously they screwed up. Okay, so I understood every word of it. And now I'm mad. And they work 2 hour days - what's up with that? Who works 2 hour days? It doesn't even qualify as part time! Grr... Anyone else have contractor stories to share?

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