Friday, March 02, 2007

Gone crazy

After 2 weeks of upheaval, toxic mold, road-trippin' and all sorts of Big Life Decision craziness, I went a little crazy. What's a girl to do when the ground beneath her is shifting and she has no control over anything? Well, I have plenty control over my hair. So not only did I go a bit shorter than usual, I DYED it for the first time ever! That's right - never once have I dyed my hair. But today, I went crazy! I don't think the picture gives a true idea of how crazy I went. But I have naturally auburn hair. They bleached some, put in blonde streaks, and bright copper highlighty things. It's AWESOME!

As a disclaimer, here's my true belief about dyeing hair... I'm against it in principle for so many reasons. First off, God created me, He created my hair, and no cosmetologist can beat that. ..."For I am fearfully and wonderfully made." 'nuff said. Secondly, being good stewards of the earth He created, i think we have a duty to take care of the environment, and the bleach I was smellin' and the chemicals I was feelin' when I was under that dryer were definitely not good for my health or the health of the planet. I do feel totally chemically processed now. Thirdly (and most egotistically), I like being able to tell people that actually, this is my natural color when they ask what bottle it came from (as a redhead, a lot of people ask).

But shazzaam! I look good! And I feel good and have loads of confidence, and that's even cooler. It was way better than retail therapy. Of course, if I'd settled for retail therapy I'd have a pair of shoes or jeans or a skirt or something that would last me for a few years. And I'd have gotten it on sale - because that's what I do. In fact, I'd have gotten all 3 of those things for what I paid for this. As it is, I have a hairdo that will only last me a few weeks and cost a small fortune. I could probably buy and feed an impoverished village for what I just spent on my dye job. And that means I basically wasted lots of cash that could have been better spent on something much more lasting and worthwhile. So in the end, this was a one-time thing for me that I won't indulge in again. But let me say one more time, shazzaam!

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