Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mourning the TIVO

I returned home last night, at long last. Another 8 1/2 hours in the car with a one-yr-old and two-yr-old, and I think I could live the remainder of my life without ever seeing the inside of the car again, or ever singing another Barney song.

After an exhausting trip, I came home to an unpleasant surprise. The TIVO has been off for about a week. Apparently our monthly subscription expired and we didn't renew. I'm silently cursing the TIVO now, missing The Unit, Bones, and - heaven forbid - American Idol! Horror of horrors!

The good news is that the mold remediation company finished most of their work while I was gone. So I still have one room of my house sealed off with plastic until an air quality person can check it out, but the wall is rebuilt, the window is rebuilt (though painted the wrong color - a small price to pay for a house that isn't toxic anymore).

Yet still I mourn my TIVO.

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Novice said...

Don't worry about Bones! It's on hiatus for a few weeks.