Monday, March 05, 2007

Cleaning day

I hereby name today as a Domestic Goddess day. I pledge to spend as much time as possible (with 2 toddlers running around) cleaning up the horrible mess that is my home. After hubby's 2 week business trip, my 2-week road trip, toxic mold remediation, and with a houseguest coming in a few days - there is some serious clutter piling up, and I have to get rid of the dirt downstairs that the mold remediation company tracked all over the place. And I have to track down the company and make sure they plan on finishing what they started... I really want my mold-free house back.

So, no more blogging or emailing until after dinner tonight. In fact, I'll even *turn off* Mr. Laptop! (now that's dedication!) I will limit myself to a) playing with my kids, b) cleaning my house, and c) the required things like feeding my family, changing diapers, etc. But, feel free to comment anyway, especially if you're with the party! I'll be back tonight and ready to rumble! ;)

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